Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Storm Drifts

After a roughly 96 hour storm, large drifts of over 7 feet had amassed just outside of the big hanger building in which we have prepared the BARREL payloads for launch.  You may want to click on the photos, to open a higher resolution version of the photo.  Enjoy!

This photo was taken just as the storm was reaching our site.
I could barely get out the door to take the photo, the winds were so strong!
Note how the horizon is just a white blur--due to snow being carried by the wind!
Note also how the ground is flat all the way out to the platform.

On the first clear day after the storm, this is what we found!
This is me.

The snow drift is higher than either Robyn or myself!
Note the platform in the background!
The snow drift is less further from the buildings.
Behind it, you can also see what the horizon looks like normally!

Almost as cool as launching a balloon!


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