Wednesday, December 15, 2010

We're Over Land!

Our Payload is over land!  We've seen some of the solar panel temperatures rise, which as I explained yesterday, is to be expected.  And so far, everything is working fine!

Our Payload is at:
72.4253 South Latitude
168.8505 East Longitude
108,005 Feet Altitude

It's now been just over 48 hours that our payload has been up, and it seems to be quite healthy!  That is, the balloon is keeping a consistent altitude and the payload is fully functional!  These are very good things!

Here's two maps of the payload's trajectory:

Image from CSBF and Google Earth. 
Image from CSBF and Google Earth.

And as I mentioned yesterday, our solar panels can be at very different temperatures at the same time.  Here's a screenshot of our current solar panel temperatures.  Keep in mind that these temperatures are in Celsius, and that we often see even more extreme cases of different temperatures!

2010-12-16 at 11:04am (NZDT)

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